About Us – Veterinary Care in Lynchburg, OH, & Highland County

Animal Hospital

Lynchburg Veterinary Clinic in Lynchburg, Ohio, provides professional, caring and comprehensive veterinarian services that have made us a trusted source for veterinarian care throughout the area. We combine the latest technology (in-house laboratory, radio graph capabilities, etc.) with a personal, caring approach to each patient, including dogs, cats, and large animals. By performing thorough annual examinations, our doctors can assess the health of your pet(s) and create a customized annual treatment plan, addressing issues such as nutrition and exercise.

Lynchburg Veterinary Clinic provides complete medical care in:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopedic Repair
  • Dentistry
  • Radiographs
  • Behavioral and Nutritional Services
  • Vaccinations
  • Dermatology Care

Our Comprehensive Annual Checkups include examinations of the following:

  • Mouth, Teeth, Gums
  • Legs and Paws
  • Nose and Throat
  • Eyes and Ears
  • Coat and Skin
  • Lungs, Heart and Abdomen

Serving Your Vet. Needs:

  • Surgery patients are normally admitted Mon, Wed, Fri: from 8 – 8:30 a.m.
  • If you have questions or need to discuss other options concerning admissions, call the office at (937) 364-2136


  • Pet Dental Care
  • Dog Dental
  • Geriatric Pets, Pet Diagnostics
  • Animal Anesthesia
  • Pet Surgery
  • Farm Animal Care

Accreditations & Associations:

Ohio Veterinary Medical Association
Highland County Chamber of Commerce